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Beyoncé, with two more Netflix specials in the works
courtesy of Instagram/@beyonce

Beyoncé has two more Netflix specials in the works

Plus there are rumours about her biggest tour yet

Beyoncé’s Homecoming is huge. The Netflix documentary, released earlier this week (April 17) records her performance a year ago, at Coachella 2018 – aka #Beychella – with rehearsal footage besides, and people are loving it. Apparently, though, it’s just the first of three specials that comprise a deal between the singer and the streaming giant.

Yes, that means we’re looking at two more Beyoncé Netflix specials in the future, as reported in an article by Variety. The article also claims that the three-project deal was worth a massive $60 million.

But what might the next projects be? Well, nobody really seems to know. What we can hope for, though, is that they will be accompanied by musical releases just like Homecoming was, coinciding with the unexpected drop of a new, 40-track live album.

Apparently, sources have also told The Sun that Beyoncé is looking to embark on an international tour in 2020. London’s Olympic Stadium is singled out, specifically, as a starting point, but it’s fairly unlikely that we’ll get confirmation anytime soon.