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My Bloody Valentine
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The team behind Trainspotting are working on a film about Creation Records

The cult label that gave us Oasis, Primal Scream, and My Bloody Valentine is coming to the screen – and Danny Boyle and Irvine Welsh are both involved

The story of Creation Records – the label that released music by Oasis, Primal Scream, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Ride, Slowdive, and more – is being brought to the screen.

Titled Creation Stories, the film is adapted from The Creation Records Story: Riots, Raves, and Running a Label, a 2013 memoir written by the label’s idiosyncratic founder, Alan McGee. Nick Moran will direct, Danny Boyle will executive produce, and Irvine Welsh and Dean Cavanagh will write the screenplay, according to DeadlineMcGee will be played by Ewen Bremner (Spud in Trainspotting), while Rupert Everett, Suki Waterhouse, and Jason Fleming will co-star. Filming begins in London in late May.

The combination of Boyle, Bremner, and Welsh makes it something of a Trainspotting reunion. “I’ve been lucky to work with both Danny and Nick over the years,” Welsh told Deadline. “To have the two of them together on this project, along with Ewen, feels like a lottery win.”

“It’s like ‘Trainspotting does Creation’, if you can get into that concept,” McGee himself told NME. “There’s one scene where there are two Sony executives fucking each other up the arse and I’m there watching. I think it’s going to be quite funny.”

McGee founded Creation Records in 1983. In its lifetime, the label released some truly iconic music – not just the big hitters like Oasis and Primal Scream, but cult groups like Guided by Voices, Teenage Fanclub, Momus, and more (although who knows whether groups like Fluke or the Jazz Butcher will make it into the film). The label folded in 1999, with McGee generally exhausted by the music industry.

Creation Records has already been the subject of two documentaries: 1998’s Alan McGee: The Man Who Discovered Oasis, and 2010’s Upside Down: The Creation Records Story. Watch a trailer for the latter below.