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Watch Lizzo’s sensual cover of Lady Gaga’s ‘Shallow’

The singer gives the A Star is Born banger new dimensions

Because everyone can be the cowboy, Lizzo has offered her own stunning acoustic take on “Shallow”, performing on a US radio station while promoting her upcoming album, Cuz I Love You.

Her stripped-back cover of the award-winning track from Bradley Cooper’s A Star is Born, sung by Lady Gaga’s Ally, is unlike anything we’ve heard from Lizzo. The singer, known for her upbeat, bold singles “Juice” and “Good as Hell” shares a softer, vulnerable side in this new rendition, accompanied only by a guitarist.

Lizzo continues to feel good as hell across some more musical reworks right now, sharing a cover of Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings” on Twitter, with her own very Lizzo spin on it: “you like my hair, new weave, just bought it”.

While these covers are a chance to hear a different side to the singer, the soon to be released album is sure to be classic, feel good, soul-affirming Lizzo, if the singles we’ve heard so far – “Juice,” “Tempo” (feat Missy Elliott), and the title track “Cuz I Love You” – are anything to go by.

Listen to Lizzo’s cover of “Shallow” below – thank you, Lizzo.

Lizzo’s album Cuz I Love You will be released on April 19