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slowthaiPhotography Jay Russell

slowthai announces 99p ticket tour

The Northampton rapper will play around the UK for cheap – and you can vote on where he comes

slowthai is releasing his debut album, Nothing Great About Britain, next month. To support it, he’ll be touring around the UK – but as to where he’ll be playing, that’s up to you.

Fans will be able to nominate a location for where the Northampton rapper will play, and vote on the venue. “I’ll come to every pub, your dad’s favourite working men’s club,” he says in a tour announcement video.

Not only that, tickets will be cheap – a mere 99 pence – which gives the 99p tour its name: “let’s av a fuckin party,” as slowthai writes on Twitter.

Watch slowthai’s tour announcement video below, and head over to his website to vote on the venues. Nothing Great About Britain is out May 17.