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Prodigy fans raved in the street at Keith Flint’s funeral procession

They were invited to ‘raise the roof’ to commemorate the iconic frontman

The Prodigy frontman Keith Flint was commemorated yesterday in a funeral service at St Mary’s Church in Braintree, Essex, and fans were invited along to “raise the roof”. Those fans gave “Keef” – who sadly died aged 49 earlier this month (March 4) – the send off he deserved.

Videos on Twitter show the public procession that preceded Keith Flint’s private service, with a black horse-drawn carriage moving through the streets. As he was carried into the church, the soundtrack was System Of A Down’s “Aerials” (there are now a few comments on the song’s YouTube video saying RIP, showing how it will be forever changed for many Prodigy fans).

Celebrations in the street before and after the procession, though, were much more lively (as you’d imagine Keith would have liked). In more Twitter videos, the crowd raves to the most iconic Prodigy tunes, and a pub by the church does its bit by blaring out songs.

View some of the raving below, and you get an idea of what The Prodigy (and Keith Flint’s wild energy in particular) really meant to people.