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lil Kim go awff
courtesy of Youtube/Lil Kim

Watch Lil’ Kim’s new video for ‘Go Awff’

The xx-sampling song is from her first album in over 14 years

9, Lil’ Kim’s new album, will be her first in almost 15 years, following 2005’s The Naked Truth, and yesterday we were treated to a new video for her latest single from the new album, “Go Awff”.

In the video, Lil’ Kim is all about projecting her success, while being as bold and sex-positive as she has been since her debut album, Hard Core.

Choreographed dancing sees her flexing with a private jet (emblazoned with her name, ofc) and the lyrics are in the same vein: “Galliano, vintage Gautier / I had more Balmain than Olivier / Over 365 pair / I can attend fashion week for a whole year.

“Go Awff” also features a prominent horn sample from The xx’s 2017 track “Dangerous”, which works well in the more direct and braggadocious track.

Watch out for 9, which is due to drop May 17. In the meantime you can watch the “Go Awff” video below.