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CupcakKe’s new song, Bird Box, is a reference to the film, maybe

The shared title with the Netflix hit seems too much of a coincidence

CupcakKe’s new song, “Bird Box”, is as brazen and unapologetic as we’ve come to expect. On top of a trap beat, her flow is fast, aggressive, and (of course) inventively NSFW. The lyric that inspired the title? “This pussy worth a lot of bread, so we gon’ call this bird box.

Of course, this lyric and the title seem to be a reference to the recent Netflix hit of the same name (yes, the one that inspired that blindfold challenge that was messing people up). There’s not actually any reference to the show beyond that one phrase though, so maybe it just served as a launching pad for the cheeky wordplay.

CupcakKe does prove that she has her finger on the pulse with other lines in the song, though, with a reference to Jussie Smollett – calling people fake “like Jamal off Empire” – and a Jordyn Woods callout.

The rapper also – in a very different way – made a pop culture TV reference in her last music video, released earlier this year (February 21). That release was slightly more outrageous, however, titled “Squidward Nose” in a reference to Spongebob. It’s pretty easy to imagine what the titular “Squidward Nose” doubles as.

You can stream the new song on Spotify.