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Donald Glover migos snl
courtesy of YouTube/Saturday Night Live

Offset ‘wasn’t feeling’ Donald Glover’s Migos parody

He says the SNL skit made the group look like ‘some dodo birds’

Donald Glover has historically had a pretty good relationship with the Migos. The group’s Quavo made his acting debut on Glover’s critically-acclaimed Atlanta, while he gave them good publicity with a shoutout in a 2017 Golden Globes speech. Now, though, Offset has revealed an issue he has with the Childish Gambino alter ego.

The issue in question? A skit from Saturday Night Live, which saw Glover parodying Migos alongside SNL cast members (with a surprise cameo from ASAP Rocky). The parody rebrands the rap group “Friendos” and involves them seeking therapy for their arguments about “lambos” etc.

“I’m gonna be honest,” says Offset, in the interview with GQ, “We didn’t like that skit because it was, like, total opposite of the Migos, like, we rock with each other. We ain’t arguing. And then I felt like it was interpreted like we was some dodo birds.”

He doesn’t really elaborate on the dodo birds reference in the interview, but concludes: “I didn’t really feel that. We weren’t really feeling it.”

Donald Glover’s skit was on SNL in May 2018, so it seems that Offset has been keeping his feelings bottled up about it for a long time. Confronting the beef in a joint therapy session is probably out of the question, though.