Dior threw a party to celebrate Pusha T’s best rap album nomination

With Tyler, the Creator, Pharrell, and Robert Pattinson in attendance

Pusha T’s Daytona has been nominated in the Best Rap Album category at 2019’s Grammy Awards, going up against Travis Scott, Cardi B, the late Mac Miller, and Nipsey Hussle. As if that wasn’t enough star-studded company, though, Dior decided to celebrate the nomination on Friday with a similarly high-profile roster of guests.

Staged at Dior’s Rodeo Drive store in Beverly Hills, the party brought together the likes of Tyler, the Creator (who called him his “favourite rapper… he taught me how to be cool when I rap”), Pharrell, Robert Pattinson, and Dior Men creative director Kim Jones.

Jones explained his close relationship with Pusha T (who can often be spotted in Dior) at the gathering. “It’s organic and I like things like that,” he said, also stating his hopes for the Grammy nomination: “I think he deserves to win.”

And Pusha T responded in kind as well, saying: “I mean, Dior is family. They dressed me for my wedding; they dress me all the time. Kim is phenomenal and I’m happy to be here.”

It’s one of those gatherings that you can imagine happening, but at the same time it’s like a glimpse into another world that makes you feel poorer and much less cool than you started out.

And, talking of Robert Pattinson, look out for him starring in Claire Denissubversive sci-fi High Life, which premieres in the UK May 10, 2019.