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Azealia Banks and Grimes might testify in Elon Musk’s fraud case

Yeah, the one about a 420 tweet

If you’ve been looking back at the literal insanity of 2018 and hoping that this year will represent a fresh start, maybe don’t read the next sentence. Grimes and Azealia Banks might testify in Elon Musk’s ongoing lawsuit with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which alleges that his infamous 420 tweet misled investors and could constitute fraud. Yeah, the insanity isn’t going anywhere.

It’s been clear that Elon Musk is in trouble for the tweet pretty much since he posted it. Besides the whole $420 thing, Musk suggested in the tweet that funding to take his one of his companies, Tesla, private was “secured” (it wasn’t, obviously). This led to him stepping down as chairman of the company and the subsequent SEC suit aims to ban him from being CEO of any publicly traded company.

But, if you missed that time Azealia Banks camped out in Grimes and Elon Musk’s house for a few days, you might be wondering where the two musicians fit into the case. Well, Banks showed pretty intimate knowledge about the goings on in the house through a series of tweets during her stay (since apologised for, though the apology was then deleted, so who knows?).

The hope is that she and Grimes will be able to confirm whether Musk was under the influence of drugs when he sent the 420 tweet. He claims he wasn’t, which judging by how inexperienced he seemed on Joe Rogan’s podcast, but also how ridiculous the tweet was, is anyone’s guess.

Either way, the saga continues (and doesn’t bode well for the rest of 2019).