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courtesy of Instagram/@princessnokia

Princess Nokia has reissued Metallic Butterfly, her debut album

From 2014, the record has been remastered and released digitally

“Metallic Butterfly isn’t a new album,” Princess Nokia announces in a tweet. “It’s the album that started it all.” Now, Metallic Butterfly, the rapper’s debut album from 2014, has been remastered and reissued via Rough Trade, available on streaming services for the first time.

“Metallic Butterfly is an experimental album that was inspired by many different elements of music and sub culture,” Princess Nokia also tweets. “It featured trip hop, jungle, R&B Neo Folk, adult contemporary, grime, and Afro Caribbean Canto. It’s visual and audio aesthetics were deep rooted in anime, cosplay, witchcraft, feminism, and cyber goth/rave culture.”

Additionally, the re-release features three bonus tracks from the same time period, “Earth Is My Playground”, “Anomaly”, and “Versace Hottie”. Her most recent project was the mixtape A Girl Cried Red, released by Rough Trade under her real name, Destiny Frasqueri.

Metallic Butterfly is available to stream on Spotify.