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Iggy to be deleted
Iggy Pop on the White Room, 1997Photography Frank Pettis

Iggy Pop is producing a punk docuseries with Debbie Harry and more

Punk legends come together to explore the iconic movement

The ‘Godfather of Punk’ Iggy Pop is executive producer of an all-star docuseries Punk. The iconic Stooges’s frontman has been at the forefront of the radical music and cultural movement, and flouted a few rules in his time, so it’s no surprise that he’s the chosen font of knowledge behind EPIX’s “quintessential story of punk”.

Iggy and his glittering career was captured previously in the 2016 documentary, Gimme Danger, showing the rise and fall of The Stooges, by filmmaker Jim Jarmusch. Among other music legends, the musician will appear in intimate interviews alongside Sex Pistols’ John Lydon, Dave Grohl, Blondie’s Debbie Harry and Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea.

A synopsis reads: “Featuring original interviews with America’s punk pioneers and the U.K.’s most notorious bands, alongside a seamless blend of rare and unseen photos, gritty archival film and video, a crackling soundtrack of punk hits and misses, Punk explores the music, the fashion, the art and the DIY attitude of a subculture of self-described misfits and outcasts.”

Produced by the fashion designer John Varvatos and directed by Jessie James Miller with Derik Murray's Network Entertainment, Punk premieres on March 11.

If we can learn anything from the antics of Iggy Pop – from a wild music career, rolling around in glass and covering himself in peanut butter, to starring in indie classics like John Water’s Cry-Baby and some questionable insurance commercials – it’s to expect the unexpected. Punk should be no different.