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Ezra Koenig debuts a new song in the Neo Yokio Christmas special

Co-written by iLoveMakonnen and Bloodpop

Earlier this week came the news that Jaden Smith and Ezra Koenig would be returning for a Christmas special of Neo Yokio, the Vampire Weekend singer’s anime about rich kid and reluctant demon fighter Kaz Kaan. Yesterday, that new episode released – titled “Neo Yokio: Pink Christmas” – and with it came a new song written by Koenig, along with iLoveMakonnen and producer Bloodpop.

The song, “Friend Like U”, is sung by Arcangelo Corelli, Kaz Kaan’s rival and competitor for Neo Yokio’s favourite bachelor, at around the 33 minute mark in the Christmas special. It is also reprised towards the episode’s climax, with an added verse from Kaz Kaan himself (who is voice by Jaden Smith), delivered in Smith’s familiar laid-back style.