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Blood Orange - Dagenham Dream

Blood Orange’s new video is a day in the life of a New York skater

The grainy vignette for ‘Dagenham Dream’ follows Brooklyn skateboarder Caleb Barnett around the city

Blood Orange has dropped a video for “Dagenham Dream”, one of the standout tracks from this year’s Negro Swan, and announced a string of US tour dates.

The video is a dizzy day in the life of New York skater Caleb Barnett. Shot on a grainy camera, the video follows Barnett at the hairdresser, sharing a cigarette with a friend, angrily cracking his board in half, and tearing up the skatepark. If you listen closely, you can even hear the grind of the board on the pavement.

The video comes shortly after Blood Orange premiered a remix of “Smoke”, which sees Dev Hynes reflect on the death of Mac Miller. The remix also features Yves Tumor and Ian Isiah.

Read our cover story with Hynes from our autumn/winter 2018 issue of Dazed, head over to Blood Orange’s website to see the new tour dates, and watch the “Dagenham Dream” video below.