Watch Dounia and Kehlani get into a ‘Rich Girl Mood’

As the NYC singer releases her new album The Avant-Garden, watch her make it rain in her new video

What is a “Rich Girl Mood”? According to Dounia, the 20-year-old rising star from New York, feeling rich is something money can’t buy. It’s about feeling powerful – and power is a topic that the R&B artist has never shied away from. Alongside her brave, no-bullshit songwriting, Dounia has made waves on Instagram, championing body positivity and POC visibility – and now she’s making one of her boldest statements yet with “Rich Girl Mood”, featuring Kehlani, on her new EP The Avant-Garden

The three and a half minute video, directed by Tired Studio Production and released by Empire Distribution, follows Dounia and Kehlani as they break into an upmarket boutique, and the debauchery that follows. After successfully entering into the world of the wealthy and donning bright new fits, they rap about the pressures and freedoms that follow success, as they shower their dancers with dollar bills.

“I love the fact that it’s a boastful ass anthem about female bosses,” Dounia told Dazed. “This song and video has levels to it… I love the fact that it’s all natural bodies, (and) cool ass women with amazing energy.” Watch the video exclusively above, and get The Avant-Garden this Friday, November 30.