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Jaden Smith drops a new video, Plastic

A song from his new Sunset Tapes Album

Jaden Smith released the follow-up album to 2017’s Syre last week (November 17), in the form of The Sunset Tapes: A Cool Tape Story. Now, the actor, musician, and consistent-deep-thought-sharer has also released a video for one of the new album’s tracks, “Plastic” (which, given his environmentalist expressions in the past, you might expect to be about the devastating pollution of the world’s oceans, but actually just refers to his expensive bank card).

The video is relatively similar to the Syre visuals; Smith sings and raps with heavy autotune over a backdrop of a sunset and an expensive Tesla – “Whip with the wings like Batman” – and dances wildly, as if he’s downed a few too many energy drinks. There are also cryptic words overlayed throughout, such as the eerie: “I can’t control him” and “Run”.

Let’s face it, though: whatever Jaden did, it was never going to be as good as Will Smith’s hilarious parody of him, was it?