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courtesy of YouTube/Snowdrop Productions

Kanye changed his name to Ye ahead of his SNL appearance

And Yandhi is nowhere to be seen

After apparently changing his name to Ye yesterday, Kanye West appeared on SNL, and it pretty much went how you might expect. A performance of “I Love It” with Lil Pump, dressed in suitably silly outfits? Check. A MAGA hat? Check. A largely directionless political rant? Check.

Reflecting Thursday’s Instagram post of himself with co-guest Adam Driver and SNL cast member Kenan Thompson, Kanye appeared on the show wearing the aforementioned hat (which, since it caused controversy earlier this year, seems to have become a wardrobe staple) with a shirt bearing the words: “Free Hoover”. Many have speculated that this refers to the incarcerated Chicago gang leader Larry Hoover, who is serving six life sentences for various crimes, which Kanye didn’t confirm or deny.

For his first of a generous three performances throughout the show, Kanye also donned a novelty costume along with Lil Pump (bottles of Perrier and Fiji water, respectively) who joined him for the pretty lacklustre rendition of “I Love It”, in which the most offensive lyrics were swapped out for, “You’re such a freaky girl”.

For the second song, Kanye was joined by Teyana Taylor to perform one of the tracks from her K.T.S.E album, which he produced earlier this year (and which garnered controversy for its release process). And for the rapper’s third and final performance, SNL’s usual sendoff featuring the house band and waving cast members was replaced by West, Kid Cudi, and 070 Shake performing “Ghost Town”.

But of course Kanye couldn’t just end it there; post-credits, he invited cast members back onstage to give them the *privilege* of listening to a semi-political speech. During this speech – or rant – Kanye repeatedly encouraged people to “try love” and complained that he was being “bullied” for his fashion choices. He also went on about Donald Trump (ofc) saying, after relating how white people confronted him about the President’s racism, “if I was concerned about racism I would have moved out of America”.

All in all, it was seems to have been pretty awkward. Only about five people can be heard clapping during Kanye’s speech, the cast members and guests stood behind him look away or shake their heads, and Chris Rock can be heard laughing as he films a video of the whole affair.

Oh, and Yandhi, the album that was supposed to drop simultaneously with the SNL appearance? Yeah, there’s no sign of it yet.

Edit: Kanye has since tweeted, saying he and Lorne Michaels (creator of SNL) have been talking about him hosting the show “before the year is out”. Given that he’s still not even acknowledged Yandhi not being released, though, it's probably best not to hold your breath.