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jimothy Lacoste fashion song
courtesy of YouTube/Jimothy Lacoste

Jimothy Lacoste has dropped a new song about fashion

‘Clothes is there, you might as well take advantage of it. It’s just fun bro.’

London Fashion Week might be over, but DIY musician (and 2018 Dazed 100er) Jimothy Lacoste is keeping the fashion conversation in West London with his new song. Dropped yesterday (September 21), it’s appropriately titled “Fashion” and it’s just a memeable as Jimothy fans have come to expect.

“Tucked in shirt, lovely cords / Lacoste on my skin but I ain’t into sports”, he sings, giving an insight into his personal look in his signature deadpan-delivery-over-poppy-synths style. But Jimothy – whose previous tunes have ranged from odes to the London Underground to tracks about time management – doesn’t only stick to dressing like “a young Bill Gates or an old man from Bilbao”.

The “Fashion” video also sees him don snazzy shades, zebra-print shoes (accompanied by a real zebra, ofc), and fur coats, in a notable shift of production value in comparison with his other videos. In-keeping with his tradition of popping up in unusual urban locations, though, he does take these outfits to the top of three tower blocks painted to match his three pairs of primary-coloured pants.

You’re right, Jimothy, “having good style is a big form of art”.

Watch the video below.