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Omar Apollo
Omar ApolloPhotography Aidan Cullen

You need to hear Omar Apollo’s supernatural soul

The 20-year-old Mexican-American’s new video will strike a chord with fans of Rex Orange County and Steve Lacy

At the tender age of 20, it sounds like Omar Apollo has already had his heart broken. In “Erase”, the artist – whose 2018 EP Stereo is full of indie tunes with R&B and soul influences – struggles with nagging post-break-up feelings, and nostalgically grieves a long lost love, with his lyrics reflecting: “I still think about the time, the time I spent just trying to grow with you.”

In the accompanying music video, Omar (real name Omar Velasco) is seen cleaning up the mess after a wild house party, while his friends are all asleep with mysterious inky nosebleeds. It’s all slightly supernatural – which makes it no surprise to hear him say that it was inspired by horror movies. As Omar in the video picks up the empty bottles of booze, the Mexican-American singer-songwriter recalls scenes from the party. Towards the end of the video, he finds himself completely alone in the house – exactly as he is in his feelings.

“Erase” is Omar Apollo’s first offering from Stereo (released earlier this year), on which the 20-year-old from Indiana sings in both English and Spanish. Other highlights include “Ignorin” and “Amor Malo”, Spanish for “Bad Love”.

Read our chat with Omar, and watch “Erase”, below.

What is “Erase” about, and what was the video inspired by?

Omar Apollo: “Erase” is about a person who’s so involved with someone that they don’t notice any of the chaos around them — it’s mostly inspired by horror movies.

In what way do you think Stereo represents your musical evolution from your previous releases?

Omar Apollo: Stereo is a little more mature, and the topics are a little more vulnerable. I had styles/genres on it that people hadn’t heard from me yet.

You sing on both English and Spanish on Stereo – how does your Mexican heritage influence your music?

Omar Apollo: Spanish was my first language, so it comes pretty natural to me on certain songs. But I grew up listening to tons of Mexican artists because of my parents, so I’m always thinking of Spanish phrases and melodies.

What's up next for you?

Omar Apollo: Well, I just finished my first US headlining tour, and I'm going to Europe soon for another short one. Also, there’s going to be a lot of new music coming soon.

Omar Apollo will play in London, Dublin, and Amsterdam in November 2018 – more information and tickets here