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Tyler, the Creator joins the navy
A still from “See You Again”

Tyler, the Creator and Kali Uchis join the navy in ‘See You Again’ video

Yvan eht nioj 🎧

Thank God Tyler, the Creator continues to stretch the realms of possibility in rap videos to keep us entertained. His latest off-kilter visual sees the rapper go nautical for his love sick bop “See You Again” from the Flower Boy album.

The video starts with Tyler looking forlorn on a ship before being cast adrift with Kali Uchis and A$AP Rocky who appear on the track. He also performs something he calls a “head walk” on top of a bunch of marching navy sailors.

Yesterday he tweeted that he was having some trouble uploading the video telling his followers: “not sure what happened, give me a few to get a new file and re-upload, sorry about this, honest mistake, sound is very important in this case brb”.

However, once the video was online, Kanye West finally tweeted something we were all thinking that wasn’t at all controversial, by writing: “Thank you Tyler for existing.”

Directed by Tyler (under his long-running Wolf Haley alias), the three minute clip includes some audio from “Where This Flower Blooms”, another brilliant track with Frank Ocean. At this point Tyler turns into a bucket hat-wearing ghost, that actually turns out to be a swarm of bees.

If you don’t understand anything you just read, watch the video below.