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Open House: in conversation with Paul Simonon

In the latest episode of the podcast series presented by Dazed and Sonos, we head to the North London home of The Clash’s dub-inspired bassist

“We heard all types of music really, growing up in the house, me and my brother,” says Paul Simonon. “And in some ways it, I suppose, opened my mind up to other types of music.”

This is The Clash’s renowned bassist, recalling his earliest musical influences in the latest instalment of our ongoing podcast series, Open House.

In collaboration with Sonos and following on from earlier episodes featuring Neneh Cherry, GAIKAJohnny Marr and Charlie Steen, the series continues its exploration into the lives and memories of musicians, right in the comfort of their homes.

As always, the episode is presented by Dazed Digital editor Thomas Gorton, and locks into Paul Simonon’s memories of home, with ruminations on how growing up in the diverse cultures of Brixton and Ladbroke Grove played a major part in shaping his musical journey.

Simonon’s bass playing style is nothing but distinctive, but he reveals that prior to joining the band he had never picked up an instrument. “To be honest, I kind of dedicated myself to be an artist, to be a painter,” he says.

Listen to Open House below, along with a Spotify playlist of all the tracks mentioned.