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courtesy of YouTube/Drake

Drake’s video for ‘In My Feelings’ references the viral challenge

Set in New Orleans, the video also includes the trend’s originator, New York comedian Shiggy

The “In My Feelings challenge” (AKA the “Kiki challenge”) has been blowing up lately, a social media trend started by New York comedian Shiggy and based on the Drake song of the same name. Now Drake has released the actual video for “In My Feelings”, which makes a hilarious (and pretty meta) reference to the challenge, and even includes Shiggy himself.

The visuals for the track are directed by Canadian director Karena Evans and begin with a short sketch in which he tries (and fails) to romance Kiki – whose name is in the hook of the song, “Kiki do you love me?” – from her front lawn. The video then moves on to see Drake wandering the colour-drenched streets of New Orleans, paying homage to the roots of the song’s beat and visiting iconic spots (including a Lil Wayne mural).

Among the dancers and performers in the video are musicians Big Freedia and Yung Miami, as well as The Cosby Show actress Phylicia Rashad. But the funniest part of the video comes after the music has stopped, when Drake awakes from a dream, in which he released a song and then “some kid from New York who spits when he talks all the time did some dance to it, and then the world did the dance, and Will Smith was there”. A pretty accurate summary of the actual “In My Feelings challenge” timeline, then.

To top the video off, Shiggy – who can be seen performing “The Shiggy Dance” throughout – is then reincarnated as a production assistant awkwardly trying to get the bemused rapper out of his dressing room. It's a weird one.