Mysterious Aphex Twin adverts spotted in London Underground

3D posters on the tube depict the producer’s logo

Aphex Twin is up to something. Cryptic 3D-embossed advertisements have started to appear on the London Underground depicting the producer’s logo.

Fans on social media first spotted the logos in Elephant & Castle station in south London – a location that’s particularly relevant, given one of the many myths surrounding Aphex Twin’s Richard D. James is that he used to live in the middle of the Elephant & Castle roundabout.

As for what they mean – a new album, live announcements, or something else entirely – is currently unknown. However, enigmatic teasers are par for the course with Aphex Twin – when he announced his last album, 2014’s Syro, he flew a blimp over London and left stencils around the city and in New York.

Aphex Twin’s last release was the Cheetah EP in 2016. Check out the posters above.