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Beyoncé is trying to film something at the Colosseum

A natural progression from the Louvre

Remember when Beyoncé and Jay-Z booked out literally the entire Louvre for their “APESHIT” video? Of course you do; it was only last month and the video was so instantly iconic that the Louvre are now offering a tour based on it. The husband-and-wife musical power couple aren’t satisfied with just one international landmark, though. Now Beyoncé has made a request to book out Rome’s Colosseum as well, according to an article in Il Messagero.

Bey put in her first request to film at the famous site on July 7-8 (when she and Jay-Z were conveniently in the city on tour). She was turned down by the Italian Ministry of Cultural heritage, though, because Italian scientist Alberto Angela – who is obviously less important, but we’ll let it slide – had beaten them to it. Apparently, the Colosseum is also “too complicated” to book on that short notice.

Not one to be told what she can’t do though, Beyoncé has renewed her request, which is now under review by the Ministry. What is she going to be doing there if she gets in? No one’s exactly sure yet, but it seems safe to bet that its another “APESHIT”-style video, and it’ll definitely be something spectacular.

Also, it won’t be the first time Beyoncé has filmed at the Colosseum. She’s previously appeared there alongside Britney and P!nk for this Pepsi ad, in which the trio dressed as gladiators and sang “We Will Rock You”. Can she really top that?