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BTS Sound of Paris
Photography Inès Manai

Watch Pigalle’s Stephane Ashpool spit blood in this mockumentary

The short film shows behind the scenes of the Pigalle Sound of Paris show

Fire alarms, spitting blood, black eyes, flipping tables and smashing light strips might not be exactly what you imagine happening behind the scenes of a music and fashion show, but all of the above features in this new film. Oh, and Stephane Ashpool’s mum stops by. Obviously.

Directed by Sam De Jong, the short film is a mockumentary of the behind-the-scenes action from the June 21 showcase from Ashpool’s Pigalle and Beats by Dr. Dre. While the world was introduced to the collaborative headphones designed by Ashpool, we were also introduced to a selection of young Parisian musicians (as well as some international artists), curated by Ashpool himself, who all came together to produce an album of the Sound of Paris.

Artists featuring on the album (and mockumentary) include DJ and producer Jimmy Whoo, Bonnie Banane, singer Lonely Band, Larry Vickers (whose choreography appeared in the original Soul Train series), Bonita Mariah, Loubenski, rapper Ichon, Monomite and Papooz.

For now, since the album hasn’t dropped just yet, catch a preview in the mockumentary below.