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azealia banks

Azealia Banks drops new single ‘Treasure Island’, and of course it’s good

Okay yes, she called Nicki Minaj a ‘chicken of the sea’ – but this is way more interesting

You: “Azealia Banks started beef with Nicki Minaj yesterday over who was the first rap mermaid.” Me, an intellectual: “Azealia Banks just released a new song that is way more interesting than social media bickering.”

“Treasure Island” features infectious beats and god-like flows yet also showcases a softer side to the rapper/singer than we’re used to as she asks: “Do you need some love in your lonely world? 'Cause I believe you'll like it where the moon twinkles on the watery horizon

She released the song yesterday (July 5) after having teased clips for weeks on Instagram, telling fans to “secure wigs” and prepare for the track to “fist” them. It’s not a dance floor anthem like her recent single “Anna Wintour”, but more of a mellow, love-sick bop.

Banks is set to release her Fantasea II: The Second Wave album, which does not currently have a release date but is reportedly “coming soon”, according to the description on the “Treasure Island” video on YouTube.

No music release is complete without a controversy these days, so alongside retweets of praise from fans about her new track, Banks took aim at Nicki Minaj who released a still from her next video where she is dressed as a mermaid. Banks commented underneath the Instagram post calling her a “chicken of the sea” for reportedly copying her mermaid aesthetic.  

We can confirm we’re excited for both mermaid related projects and just want more music and less drama. Listen to Azealia’s new song below.