Azealia Banks releases new ‘Anna Wintour’ inspired track

And ... she’s back

Azealia Banks has released something that she predicts will be the “gay wedding anthem of summer 2018”. While I can’t speak for the LGBT community I can confirm that the singer/rapper is back on good form.

The song produced by Junior Sanchez is the first off her long anticipated album Fantasea II – there is not yet any concrete release date for the record. Banks had been teasing the track for the past week on her Instagram where she explained the meaning behind the song “Anna Wintour”.

“I relate to Anna Wintour So much as a strong, powerful and larger than life soul in a petite, tidy and feminine body,” she wrote on Instagram. “While others may see Anna as intimidating, I see a woman who was born into this world with an absolute certainty about her place in it.”

She continued: “I wrote this song about finding myself and finding God. This song was written to embody the feeling felt when you connect with the universe.” Other unlikely inspirations for the track include 00s pop star Stacie Orrico.

Azealia Banks recently released the single “Movin’ on Up” so we’re staying tuned for more. Listen below: