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Noname - autumn/winter 2017
Noname wears pleated lace blouse MSGM, necklace her ownPhotography Remi Lamande, styling Alison Marie Isbell

Noname: ‘I’m excited as fuck to drop this album’

The Chicago artist hasn’t released new music in two years

Noname’s breakthrough mixtape Telefone came out in July 2016, and we’ve been clamouring for new music since. Last night, the Chicago artist revealed that her next project, Room 25, is on its way – though she didn’t give a firm release date.

After tweeting the words “Room 25” yesterday alongside no less than four moon-faced emojis, Noname wrote: “I haven’t put out music out in 2 years. Not sure if people will listen but I’m excited as fuck to drop this album”.

Last year, Noname spoke to Dazed about her upcoming new music. “My voice has changed since then (Telefone). I sound so young,” she said, adding that the new album wouldn’t be quite as PG-rated in tone: “My next album, it’s not gonna be that girl.”

Elsewhere in the feature, the rapper and poet said: “There’s just so much more that I wanna do and tap into, so much more I wanna learn about myself and the world around me... That’s kinda where I’m at, on some hippy-dippy-vibey shit.”

Prior to the viral success of Telefone, Noname recorded as Noname Gyspsy. In 2013, she featured on Chance the Rapper’s 2013 mixtape Acid Rap, and later collaborated with him on 2016’s Coloring Book.

Check out the tweets below.