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Drake is dropping unsubtle hints about album Scorpion on billboards

Drake also confirmed on Instagram that Scorpion will be released on June 29

Big things are coming our way, courtesy of Drake. Following his public diss battle with Pusha-T and the release of the Degrassi-filled nostalgia trip that was the music video for “I'm Upset”, Drake began promoting his upcoming album, Scorpion on Friday, June 22.

Complex reported that multiple billboards popped up in Toronto on Friday that appeared to be teasing certain details about the upcoming album. There's a chance that Drake may have actually tipped fans off about the album's tracklist by putting the names of some songs on the billboards. Those possible songs names could be: “Elevate”, “I Just Flipped a Switch”, “Is There More”, and “Don't Hit Me When You Hear This”.

But there's one billboard that's drumming up the most interest and which could hint at Drake entering into uncharted territory (for him, anyway). One of the billboards reads “A Side, B Side” and it could be a possible hint that Drake is planning to release a double album. There's no way to be certain, though. It could also just be another song title that references any of the feuds or public dramas that Drake has been involved in (there are two sides to every story, as they say). However, the double album theory seems to be the popular theory in regards to that billboard.

While there's no identifiers on the billboards the link to Drake specifically, Drake did seem to confirm his involvement by way of a photo collage to his Instagram that featured someone wearing a jacket with the word “Scorpion” on it in the same lettering that appears on the billboards. The post's caption also announced when Scorpion would be released, June 29.