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Sky Ferreira’s new album is ‘FINALLY happening’

The long-awaited follow-up to 2013’s Night Time, My Time is on its way: ‘I promise I’ll explain the last few years soon’

Sky Ferreira has given an update on Masochism, the long-awaited follow-up to her 2013 debut album Night Time, My Timewriting on Instagram that “it is FINALLY happening”.

“I am just waiting for the official official official beyond the point of no return release date before I officially announce my single(s) due timing for others involved & the process of the release or whatever,” she writes.

Ferreira adds that the delays were caused by “absurd” circumstances “beyond my reach”. “I’m sorry for being so quiet about everything (I thought I didn’t have much of a choice),” she writes, “no more gag & bind. I promise I’ll explain the last few years soon.”

She also says that “my silence should not be confused for negligence. I deeply care & put everything I have into my music. Including all of my earnings”, and that she “won’t put out something that I don’t stand by”.

In 2016, she hit back at online trolls who kept demanding a new album, writing on Twitter: “I never gave a date on my album... Bullying me on the Internet or whatever will not make the process faster... I’d rather make & release the best/most honest thing possible instead of trying to race time or the Internet/short attention spans.”

Read the full statement below, or on Instagram.