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Sky Ferreira
Sky Ferreiravia

Sky Ferreira hits back at online trolls about her new album

Musician, actor, and model says there are no delays to her forthcoming album Masochism: “Bullying me on the Internet or whatever will not make the process faster”

Sky Ferreira has hit back at online trolls who’ve criticised her for perceived delays to her new album Masochism.

The musician, actor, and model promised that she'd release new music and a short film last summer, but later explained on Tumblr that scheduling conflicts and health issues had delayed its release. Now, she’s clarified that she’s still working on the album – but you shouldn’t call it a “delay”.

“I never gave a date on my album,” she tweeted last night, “Bullying me on the Internet or whatever will not make the process faster... I’d rather make & release the best/most honest thing possible instead of trying to race time or the Internet/short attention spans. “Momentum” or hype isn’t real (in terms of what I want to make/do in life). It’s short lived.”

There’s no doubt that Ferreira is riduclously busy right now — not just with her music, but with other creative projects too. Last week it was announced that she'd been cast in Edgar Wright's new film Baby Driver.

Read Ferreira’s tweets below, and read up on what to expect from Masochism when it does arrive.