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die antwoord alien

Watch Die Antwoord’s surreal music video about a lonely alien

Creepy and a little gross, obviously

Die Antwoord are known for their weird, sometimes creepy, always fascinating music videos, and this time is no different: the South African group has just dropped a surreal music video for their tune “Alien”.

The video, directed by Ninja, features Yolandi in a bug-like alien mask, alone in a desolate part of Detroit. Refused service by a cook in a diner (played by Ninja), the alienated creature mopes. The song itself is slow and ethereal, exploring those stark moments of loneliness – it’s also a collaboration with the mysterious Black Goat. Elsewhere in the visual, the alien devours a pulsating neon insect, and a more human-like creature hatches from a cocoon. Sixteen Jones, the rave rap duo’s daughter, also makes an appearance.

It’s been a little while since we last heard from Die Antwoord, who previously dropped the disturbing short film Tommy Can’t Sleep, featuring Jack Black. A TV series is also currently in the works, which will meld together some of their most major video projects from the last decade. Their album Mount Ninji And Da Nice Time Kid is out now.

Watch the video for “Alien” below.