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Watch the freaky trailer for Die Antwoord’s TV series

South African Ninja is a culmination of the rap-rave group’s music videos over seven years

Die Antwoord are pushing for world domination: with a comic book on the way, the rap-rave duo have now revealed a trailer for South African Ninja, an upcoming live-action TV series. 

“All the ZEF videos and movies Die Antwoord have made over the last 7 years were little clips from own TV series we making called South African Ninja!” the accompanying message says. Basically, videos like the gory “Pitbull Terrier” video, weird schoolgirl/gangster love story “Cookie Thumper” and the twisted NSFW clip “Fat Faded Fuckface”, are all a part of an expansive TV show from the South African duo. “To kill a demon you must become a demon...” the trailer opens. Expect some blood and guts, own brand weed, warped storylines and Yo-landi and Ninja in cool outfits. Previous news also pegged Charlize Theron, Danny DeVito, Channing Tatum, and Johnny Depp as possible cameos for the show.

“There’s a few things in my life that I'm fucking excited about... and this is one of them,” Ninja wrote on Instagram.

Die Antwoord are rounding off the world tour promoting their final album, The Book of Zef, right now, and there’s no word on when this latest creative venture will be pushed out. The group most recently produced a short and obv very bizarre, rat-infested short film with collaborator Roger Ballen and their daughter. This is their first major venture into television though; but they starred in Chappie, and took issue with Suicide Squad for ripping off their look. 

Watch the trailer below.