Kanye West shaves head for his ‘hero’ Emma Gonzalez, upsets MAGA crowd

Welcome to hell

Kanye West is – in case you haven’t heard – back on Twitter. Amongst tweeting self-help book one-liners, meandering Abe Simpson-esque non-sequiturs, and trollworthy new songs, he’s also been prominently on the Trump train, endearing himself to the very worst right-wingers online.

Last night, however, he turned his attention to his “hero”, Emma González – the gun control activist who, despite being a literal teenager who survived a literal school shooting, has become an obsession of hate amongst the pro-Second Amendment MAGA crowd. Naturally, Kanye’s support for González didn’t go over especially well with the same conservatives who were just starting to embrace the rapper.

“Kanye I want to respect your opinion but I just need to know if you’re being bribed or paid off to put this one out,” wrote Twitter user ‘Red Pill Philosophy’ under Kanye’s post. “Poor Kanye is getting so much heat for giving a shout-out to Candace Owens, he felt he had to throw a bone to the rabid dogs by giving one to the Parkland Gun Grabbers too,” wrote YouTube shithead Mark Dice.

Kanye later shared a selfie of his new haircut, a shaved head that he says was “inspired by Emma”. But where once a shout-out from Kanye West would’ve been A Big Deal, González responded quite dismissively, subtweeting Kanye by copying his tweet format to celebrate her own hero, James Shaw Jr., who recently made news for disarming the Waffle House shooter.

Kind of hard to see what Kanye’s endgame is here, to be honest. Is he riling up the libs by supporting Trump, only to rile up Republicans by voicing admiration for González? Is he the last true bipartisan, able to both respect González for her principled gun control advocacy yet also admire Trump for his rapidly deteriorating brain and thinly-disguised racial animus? Or is he just saying any old shit at this point to promote those albums he has coming out?

Who knows. Either way, we live in hell. Check out the tweets below.