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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s new video branded a ‘knock off’ of Kenzo’s Spike Jonze ad

‘Delicate’ is the singer’s daydream to go unnoticed but critics say they’ve seen it all before

People are mad at Taylor Swift again. Last night the singer dropped her visuals for her latest Reputation track “Delicate”.

The video tracks Swift as she makes her way from the entrance of a hotel, where she’s screamed at by journalists for interviews, and then into a lobby where she’s hounded by fans and groping hotel staff. Any slight move, her bodyguards move with her in a clear display of the claustrophobia of fame. Until she finds a note and suddenly her reflection and image disappear. She finds herself invisible and can dance wildly like nobody’s watching.

However, while her fans memed the artfully shot scenes, others felt like it was all too familiar. Users on social media have pointed out alleged similarities between the music video and a Kenzo ad shot by Spike Jonze in 2016. “Taylor's ‘Delicate’ video is the drunk sorority knockoff of the Kenzo ad w(sic) Margaret Quailey,” one user wrote. Some posted shot-for-shot comparisons of Swift and Qualley, from the whacky facial contortions to the elaborate dance routines.

Even though many have called the video a “blatant rip off”, a representative of Kenzo told Dazed they will not be making a comment on the matter. Taylor Swift’s team are yet to respond.

You can compare both videos for yourself below: