Grimes’ new album is coming: ‘I would say spring but realistically fall’

We are ready

We’ve long suspected that Grimes would have a new album out this year, given her hints that she was working on new sounds and that she was recently playing new music to her label.

Responding to a tweet celebrating the six-year anniversary of Visions, the artist confirmed that her new album would be out this year: “...a nu one out this year so 3 albums in 6 years is not a bad level of productivity.”

When a fan asked when we should expect the record, she responded by saying, “i would say spring but realistically, fall”.

Grimes’s last album Art Angels came out in 2015, though she’s been busy making music with friend and collaborator HANA as Trashique and, more recently, appearing in Rodarte’s new campaign.

Grimes’ new album was one of our most anticipated of 2018.