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Kali Uchis - After The Storm

Kali Uchis lives in domestic bliss with Tyler, the Creator in her new video

The singer enlists Bootsy Collins and Tyler in a tripped-out vision of 60s suburbia

Two years after they shared a split-screen in Perfect”, Kali Uchis and Tyler, the Creator have reunited for the Colombian singer’s new single “After the Storm”.

In “After the Storm”, director Nadia Lee Cohen casts the pair as the perfect suburban couple, complete with two kids and a white picket fence. It’s all very normal and domestic – except for the fact that Uchis grows Tyler from a packet of seeds, and a cartoon Bootsy Collins sings along from a cornflake box.

The video is in keeping with the candy-coated 60s aesthetic (think: fur cuffs and a baby-blue jumpsuit) that Kali Uchis established with “Rush”. It’s strange enough to match up to the song’s moodier lyrics: “No one’s gonna save you now,” Uchis sings as she walks in Stepford slow-motion through endless aisles of canned food. There’s also a neat Diana Ross reference in Uchis’s enormous, flowery hair. 

“We can find solace in the fact that we have to go through the bad stuff to truly get to the good,” Uchis says of the track in a press release. “Just because you’re losing at the moment, doesn’t mean you’ve lost yet. The storm may be scary now, but it’s how your flowers bloom later, and paradise is just beyond the rainbow.”

Watch the video for “After the Storm” below.