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Still from Tyler the Creator’s ‘Perfect’
Still from Tyler the Creator’s ‘Perfect’via YouTube

Watch Tyler the Creator’s lovesick video for ‘Perfect’

The rapper appears alongside Kali Uchis, Austin Feinstein and a whole lot of butterflies

Think of Tyler the Creator and gentle visions of flowers and butterflies might not immediately spring to mind (this is, after all, the same guy who got banned from the UK for his violent lyrics). In his latest video, however, the Californian musician unveils his lovesick side as he sings alongside Colombian pop princess Kali Uchis and LA indie boy Austin Feinstein (who you might know from fronting The Slow Hollows or, most likely, from walking for Saint Laurent)

This world is such a struggle just to be, fuck ‘em baby, it’s just you and me,” Kali and Tyler sing in the dreamy split-screened video, with Uchis surrounded by singing sunflowers and Tyler covered in butterflies. Feinstein then drifts into the picture with his guitar and jumper that spells out the word ‘golf’. “Alone, alone, alone” he sings in gravelly tones as the camera zooms in on his forlorn (and very pretty) face.

Watch the video in its entirety below: