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Fever Ray - Wanna Sip

Fever Ray’s new video is an S&M banquet

Karin Dreijer continues drops a vivid visual for ‘Wanna Sip’

Fever Ray has released a video for “Wanna Sip”, from last year’s Plunge

Shot in Stockholm with director Martin Falck, “Wanna Sip” is the latest part in a series of videos that tell a bizarre narrative with vivid imagery.

Chronologically, it’s the fifth installment in a series established with “Switch Seeks Same”, which is later continued in “A New Friend”, “To the Moon and Back”, and “Twosome Takeover”. Visually, “Wanna Sip” continues the S&M-banquet-orgy aesthetic of Fever Ray (real name Karin Dreijer)’s “To the Moon and Back” – there’s eating, there’s wrestling, and there’s the exchange of fluids.

Accompanying the video is the news that Fever Ray will tour North America for the first time in over eight years.

Plunge was one of our favourite albums of 2017. Revisit our article exploring why it’s Dreijer’s delicious celebration of queer desire.

Watch “Wanna Sip” below.