Grimes talks new music and a tour while livestreaming video game Bloodborne

Queen of slaying enemies and chatting to fans

Grimes makes no secret of being a gamer. Last night she went on live-streaming website Twitch to stream herself playing the PS4 game Bloodborne with her friend Megan James of Purity Ring. While she was slaying monsters under the handle “Ocarina_of_Grimes”, Grimes answered questions from fans.

During the stream, someone asked if she was going to sample the game Dark Souls on her new album, to which she answered “no, but I do have a song about ‘Dark Souls’ specifically for playing Dark Souls”. She did already hint at this kind of music way back in August. She also talked about how much she loves Animal Collective, and when asked if she was going to tour in 2018, answered simply “yes”.

Last week, the Canadian musician shared five playlists, including one that is very specifically for playing Bloodborne. She’s been a bit quiet lately while she works on bringing us new music, but if the livestream is anything to go by, it looks like 2018 is set to be a year of Grimes. You can watch a clip from her livestream below and here.