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Everyone wants to move to the road renamed after Rihanna

Welcome to Rihanna Drive, Barbados

Rihanna Drive is the new road that everyone wants to move to. 

On Thursday, November 30 it was announced in a ceremony that the road where the Barbadian singer (and Dazed Winter 2017 cover star) grew up, formerly known as Westbury New Road, would be renamed in her honour.

Glowing in a sunny yellow Hellessy dress despite the rain, Rihanna later posted on Instagram that the day was one “my people and I will never forget!”. 

In a thread of nostalgia she wrote about her blissful upbringing on the street: “all the lessons, running around barefoot, nosey neighbors, braiding hair on the step, playing in the cemetery, walking to the beach, rum shop karaoke keeping the whole street awake til 4am...

“watching iFE walk past with her dreads dragging on the floor like a couture gown, all the times I thought Melissa came to hang out with me, turns out she was dating my next door neighbor all along, rushing to do dishes when my mother's high heels start hitting the pavement as she gets off the bus from work......right here on this street!”

The Prime Minister of the country himself, Freundel Stuart, gave the speech to commemorate the renaming. “On February the 20th of 1988, the day Rihanna was born, Barbados was changed socially, politically and economically,” he said.

“Rihanna became one of the most iconic personalities of the 21st century.”

Since the announcement people on social media have been claiming they will up sticks to move to the newly named street – the name of which surely references Rihanna's 2009 hit, “Shut Up And Drive”.

However, the area is already a tourist hub and a quick search found that plots of land in the area are selling for over £1.4 million – unaffordable to most. 

Robyn Rihanna Fenty, who was born in the St. Michael Parish of Barbados, left the Caribbean island when she was only 16 to move to the US and begin her music career. “When I left Barbados, I didn't look back,” she told Entertainment Weekly in 2007.

However, the singer still owns a property in Barbados and has always given back to her local community. In 2012 she gave $1.75 million to a Barbados hospital and also became a cultural ambassador for the country.

More recently she funded a scholarship program that assisted students with college fees in Barbados, Brazil, Haiti, Guyana, Cuba, Jamaica and the U.S. 

She follows in the footsteps of actors Judy Garland and Katherine Hepburn, who also have streets named after them.