A fan hung Lorde’s Melodrama in the Louvre

Because it’s a fucking masterpiece

You can forget all your trash End of Year lists now, because a Lorde fan has literally hung her album in the Louvre. Melodrama is unquestionably high art, if even for just a moment.

“A masterpiece surrounded by others,” Nina Richard tweeted in a now viral post. “l took it on a journey through time and space, from Antiquity, passing by Renaissance, to Modern Times.” 

Richard had to be swift to avoid the Paris gallery’s security. She added: “I had to do it very quickly cause security started to watch me and hunt down on me lol.” 

“A rush at the beginning
I get caught up, just for a minute
But lover, you're the one to blame, all that you're doing
Can you hear the violence?
Megaphone to my chest” 

Lorde’s track “Louvre”, from her spectacular second studio album Melodrama, is a banger, no question about it. 

The album’s stunning cover art was painted by Brooklyn-based artist Sam McKinniss. In an interview with Vogue, McKinniss detailed that the cover explored that very teenage sense of waiting for the future to start right that second, as well as the “the colourful restless of youth and how being young can feel like you have a superpower.” 

The musician previously described her sophomore release as a work that examines “the last two wild, fluorescent years”, and “a record about being alone. The good parts and the bad parts”. 

The good, the bad, the neon post-impressionist.