Crystal Castles’ Ethan Kath sues Alice Glass over rape claim

Glass recently spoke out about abuse and assault she says Kath inflicted on her across years in the band

In October, Alice Glass wrote a statement that detailed years of alleged psychological, physical and sexual abuse at the hands of former Crystal Castles bandmate Ethan Kath.

According to TMZ, Kath has filed a defamation lawsuit against Glass and her boyfriend Jupiter Keyes.

Glass’ statement says that Kath began taking advantage of her from when she met him at age 15, when he was 10 years older. She claimed that sex “wasn’t always consensual”, he became “physically abusive” and that “over a period of many months, he gave me drugs and alcohol and had sex with me in an abandoned room at an apartment he managed”.

In response, Kath’s statement alleged that Glass left the band because of her “mental health issues and substance abuse”.

“I will continue to support her quest to wellness but I can’t support extortion, false claims, and accusations put forth after the band attained new success without her,” he said. “False allegations take away voice from true victims and that’s what saddens me most about all of this.”

Kath’s attorney Shane Bernard told Buzzfeed: “My client categorically denies all the malicious lies about sexual abuse. At no time did my client ever force Alice Glass into having sex with him against her will, much less by use of violence or drugs to take advantage of her.”

He claims both Glass and Keyes have set out to damage his reputation over money. The lawsuit details claims that she has damaged his reputation, causing irreparable harm, and cost minimum $300,000 in lost profits after the cancellation of Crystal Castles’ U.S tour.

The band was dropped from their management company and booking agency following the allegations.

Glass left Crystal Castles in 2014, at the time stating that she departed “for a multitude of reasons both professional and personal I no longer feel that this is possible within CC.”