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King Krule
King Krule

King Krule ‘couldn’t be bothered’ to work with Kanye

‘I’ve turned down so many opportunities where I could maybe be rich right now,’ the south London artist told the New York Times

With King Krule’s new (and very good) album The OOZ arriving next week, the south London musician is currently doing the press rounds, and his interviews have revealed some very interesting insights into his world.

In a new profile for the New York Times (via The FADER), King Krule – real name Archy Marshall – discusses success at a young age, his status as a cult idol, and finding a new ‘muse’. He also talks about being invited to work with Kanye West.

“I remember even getting hit up by Kanye to go to the studio,” Marshall told the newspaper. “Anyone else in my shoes would’ve done it. I couldn’t be bothered.”

The article stresses that this decision wasn’t out of a “sense of superiority” but instead the pressure of creating art on-the-spot and getting another artists’ sound to work with his. Dean Bein, who founded Marshall’s US record label True Panther Sounds, added: “As his record label, you can imagine this has often been frustrating,” but that King Krule’s devotion to his own art “easily trumps any frustration that might come from the counter-commercial moves he’s made over the years.”

“I like the physicality of living with someone, sleeping next to them, eating with them. And eventually we might make a tune,” Marshall continued. “I’ve turned down so many opportunities where I could maybe be rich right now.”

Watch the video for King Krule’s latest single “Half Man Half Shark” below.