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The Knife

The Knife drop another creepy, cryptic teaser

More clips featuring disturbing patchwork masks and knife throwing from the dormant duo

The Knife first announced their supposedly final shows in a Dazed interview back in 2014 – on Friday (August 11), the duo released some mysterious, bizarre visuals that teased a comeback, much to fans delight. Now, Karin Dreijer Andersson and Olof Dreijer have shared another teaser.

The strange new visual, titled “Mother of Knives Skill” sees one masked person (possibly a mother and child figure) throw knives at another, as a backwards-speaking audio plays in the background. The masks are similar to those in the previous videos. 

Last week’s creepy clips saw a gummy cherry sweet sliced in half with a knife, while the other depicted a disturbing cooking lesson with some pretty unappetising ingredients. In the years since the group disbanded, Karin released the solo record “Lives Worth Grieving”, which featured on a porn documentary soundtrack in 2016. The last musical project we heard from the dormant band was 2013’s Shaking The Habitual, their fourth studio album.

The Knife announced their split in 2014, telling Dazed in what was then their final interview: “We will close down, it’s our last tour. We don’t have any obligations to continue.”