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Twin Peaks The Return Part 1

The drone sounds of Twin Peaks have been made into an album

Listen to a compilation of all the ominous noises created by sound designer Dean Hurley for the new series of the cult show

If there’s been one consistent element of Twin Peaks: The Return, it’s the drone sounds that have underscored its most mysterious scenes. The rumbling bass, eerie wind, and growling electrical noises are crucial in establishing the show’s unmistakable, unsettling atmosphere – and now you can listen to them from the comfort and security of your own home.

Anthology Resource Vol. 1: △△, released by the Sacred Bones record label, collates all of sound designer Dean Hurley’s work on the series so far into one album. Hurley has worked closely with David Lynch for the best part of a decade, acting as music supervisor on both Inland Empire and the new series of Twin Peaks as well as engineering all of the director’s own solo albums. His work for Twin Peaks recalls the haunting industrial symphonies of Lynch’s first film Eraserhead and is a must-listen for any fans of noise and drone music.

Besides its unusual sound design, The Return also features an excellent soundtrack of real life bands, with artists like Chromatics, Hudson Mohawke, and Nine Inch Nails all performing at the show’s fictional Roadhouse bar. Dean Hurley himself has made a brief on-screen appearance in the show playing drums with the band Trouble, whose members also include Alex Zhang Hungtai of Dirty Beaches and David Lynch’s son Riley Lynch.

You can stream the compilation below and buy it for a mere $5 over at Bandcamp.