Larry B’s new video reflects on life & love in clubland

The south London DJ, producer and songwriter takes the dancefloor seriously in the video for ‘Fake Molly Love’

Larry B is a British-Ghanaian DJ and producer who’s been tearing up south London for a few years now. His presence has graced dancefloors around the world – but as his recent 5 Sad Songs EP revealed, he’s also a talented singer-songwriter to boot. As he told us when we profiled him back in 2015, “In my school in South Norwood, all the boys were in the playground playing grime out of their phones. But I was never a ‘spitting bars’ person. I used to sing.”

“Fake Molly Love” is an intimate bedroom pop song, skewed and dramatic, that reflects on the nature of the club. “The song is about life in clubland,” Larry tells us, “where sometimes the high energy coming from those around you – talking of strangers more than actual friends – might not be exactly what it’s presented to be. I remember the song really stemmed from a conversation I was having with my good good friend from LA, Amelian. She was in London last summer and I’m not sure how, but we got onto the topic of maybe people in the club being too friendly or over excited, and I guess how it can be quite unpleasant sometimes.”

Its new video comes directed by the uber-talented Akinola Davies Jr., a member of the PDA party, radio show, and collective alongside the likes of Larry and Mischa Mafia. It focuses on Jermaine Ampomah, an artist, illustrator, and sometime model and, as Larry puts it, a big part of the PDA family. “It was Akin’s idea to shoot the video at one of our PDA functions,” Larry says. “The vibe of the club is perfect. And we all (Mischa, Akin, and myself) decided to have Jermaine as the main subject. Jermaine is so strikingly beautiful. I still remember one of the first times I ever saw him walking out of the CSM buildiing about four or five years ago – way before we became sisters. He has this thing about him; you can’t help but look. Jermaine works so well because when he’s dancing it’s like he’s in his own world and you dare not disturb him. I guess a lot of us (our crew) are quite like that. We all take our club moments so seriously.”

Watch the video above.