Kesha explores her past on new single ‘Learn to Let Go’

The singer-songwriter’s latest single is a feel-good reflection of happy childhood memories – but with the ultimate message of letting go of the past and growing up

Following the release of her new singles “Praying” and “Woman”, Kesha has unveiled yet another new piece of music.

“Learn to Let Go”, written with Stuart Crichton and her mother Pebe Sebert, is an impassioned track that channels childhood nostalgia with an ultimate message of moving on, a reccurring theme that has recently become one of the singer’s mantras. To accompany the track, Kesha has penned an essay on the song’s meaning and creation. “It’s about embracing your past, but not letting it define you,” she writes. She further explains that she was inspired by the carefree spirit she saw in one of her best friends. “Even though we all go through tough things in our lives, we all have the ability to make the decision to just let it go and move forward.” 

The music video for “Learn to Let Go”, directed by Isaac Ravishankara (who has worked with Kesha before on her previous album “Hymn”), follows the artist into a fantasy dream state through her childhood memories and surroundings. As she watches home videos of herself as a toddler, playing with her siblings and family members, it exposes her sentimental feelings towards the past. As she re-enacts memories of herself jumping on the bed, performing puppet shows, experimenting with instruments before she confronts the reality of growing up.

The finale of the video shows that despite growing up, she is still the “sweet little devil...Ms Kesha Rose” that’s tailored into her embroidered jacket. “Your past only has as much effect on your future as you want it to,” as she writes in her essay.

Rainbow, the pop star’s upcoming third album, is her first since 2012 and her first following the legal battle against her former producer and manager, Dr. Luke.