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Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey is giving up Americana visuals because of Trump

‘It would feel weird to me now’

Ever since her breakout album Born to Die, Lana Del Rey’s entire look from her stage shows to her videos has been built on a kitschy, nostalgic American aesthetic. With lyrics like tell me I’m your national anthem and odes to old Hollywood icons, Lana Del Rey has been synonymous with Americana for the five years she’s been in our world. In a new interview with Pitchfork, however, Lana says that we aren’t likely to see a red white and blue flag waving behind her on the Lust for Life tour.

When asked whether it was “uncomfortable” to continue being romantic about America under Trump, Lana said, “I definitely changed my visuals on my tour videos. I’m not going to have the American flag waving while I’m singing “Born to Die”. It’s not going to happen. I’d rather have static. It’s a transitional period, and I’m super aware of that. I think it would be inappropriate to be in France with an American flag. It would feel weird to me now – it didn’t feel weird in 2013.”

That isn’t the only way Lana’s outlook and politics have changed under the Trump administration. When asked about previous assertions that for her “the issue of feminism is just not an interesting concept”, she said that things have changed for her “because things have shifted culturally”. She added “women started to feel less safe under this administration instantly. What if they take away Planned Parenthood? What if we can’t get birth control? Now, when people ask me those questions, I feel a little differently.” Lust for Life will also be more political than Lana’s previous, more introspective work. “God Bless America – And all the Beautiful Women in it” is, according to Lana, “a little shoutout to the women and anyone else who doesn’t always feel safe walking down the street late at night”.

Lana, who recently spoke with Courtney Love for the spring issue of Dazedalso talks about her relationship with Stevie Nicks, accusations of drug use, and the hipster clichés she’s well aware surround her. You can read the full interview here. Lust for Life drops tomorrow (July 21), though we've already heard several tracks so far, including “Summer Bummer and ”Groupie Love.