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Lana Del Rey Summer Bummer

Lana Del Rey debuts two new tracks from Lust for Life

‘Summer Bummer’ with A$AP Rocky and Playboi Carti and ‘Groupie Love’ premiered on Beats 1

We’ve been hit with a double dose of Lana Del Rey the week before her full-length, highly anticipated Lust for Life album drops: “Summer Bummer” and “Groupie Love”.

Del Rey has teamed up with A$AP on both tracks – he once played her love interest in her dreamy “National Anthem” video way back – and got Playboi Carti on the slow, hazy “Summer Bummer”.

Both tracks premiered on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 radio show for a double World Record slot.

So far, we’ve heard the swooning, angelic “Love” with an intergalactic visual, heard her sing about complex feelings with “Coachella: Woodstock on my Mind” and a nostalgic slow dance atop the Hollywood sign with The Weeknd in “Lust for Life”. There’s been a few other snippets of her album dotted across her Instagram feed too, and news that the album includes other collaborators like Stevie Nicks and Sean Ono Lennon.

“In the last few years, I feel like I’ve grown up,” the artist told Dazed in a recent cover story, while speaking to Courtney Love. “Maybe I’ve just had time to process everything. Singing songs I wrote ten years ago... It does feel different. It’s weird listening back to my stuff”

Listen to both of her new songs below.

Lust for Life is out July 21